How Good is Your Change Management Process?

When it comes to Change Management processes, just pretty good can get you in big trouble. Sure you have an established process but can you say it’s always followed? Even when change requests follow the proper approval process you still have to deal with deviations that often go undocumented. Say it’s a web server or database upgrade.  It’s not uncommon for Systems Engineers to make a few “tweaks" on the fly and either forget or choose not to document them.  Why? [...]

When Improvements are not enough

The 80% of IT Infrastructure & Operations Directors I know can’t fix things in their environment unless there is a compelling business reason. You “gotta” have a catalyst. A little poke to push the powers-that-be to let go of the budget. You know what you would do with it. You know exactly where you would invest the money to make everyone’s life easier. We know it too. Nothing like a change of events to give you air cover to fix the things that, [...]

How to Live without the IT Stress

It’s Monday morning and you are driving into work. It is probably early enough to beat traffic, a big coffee sits in the cup holder, and you’re listening to the radio. You are half-awake and in an almost Zen state as you roll past the miles.  You were out on Thursday and Friday at a family wedding and feeling relaxed. As you enter the office your teeth unconsciously clench. You brace yourself for the mild-state of anxiety, slight bit of [...]

Adoption trumps functionality

S = Success Goals O = On-boarding Process A = User Adoption R = Requirements Roadmap The biggest challenge for organizations migrating from ad hoc IT management to IT asset and service management system is “adoption”. The system is only as good as the information in the system and if your users do not use the system in a systematic way, you will have holes in your “IT performance” program, documentation, audit defense, quality processes, and/or risk management. User participation and engagement is critical [...]

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