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New! Business Services Discovery & Mapping

DevOps groups get incredible insight into the web and application environment We're announcing today the immediate availability of Services Topology View for our EcosystemManager ITAM/ITSM SaaS platform. This powerful new capability, added to EcosystemManager’s agentless Discovery App and full-featured CMDB, identifies the underlying IT components and connectivity between web servers, application servers, middleware and databases. Enterprise DevOps groups, architects, and application owners can use this feature to better understand their environment and the impact of changes to applications and the components [...]

Virima Adds New Features to EcosystemManager ITAM Asset Discovery

Virima Technologies, an innovator in data center transformation (DCT) and IT operations management, continues to help enterprises take the guesswork out of managing today’s complex IT environments with the addition of two significant features to EcosystemManager, its enterprise-level ITAM and ITSM tool First, EcosystemManager’s agentless discovery of network devices via Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) has been enhanced to include Windows, Unix, and Linux servers as well as other SNMP enabled systems. Now, more device types and their attributes can [...]

Getting the Discovery Job Done

Manual discovery of all IT assets is a time-consuming, cumbersome, error-prone job. And by the time it's completed, assets may have been changed, added or removed. A tool that automates many discovery processes is necessary to make the task both cost-effective and comprehensive. Many existing tools are good at discovering the existing technologies in your data center, but may be less efficient, or possibly ineffectual when it comes to matching those assets with the people and business processes they serve. To [...]

Success Is In The Details, Part II

In my previous post I discussed what you need to know about servers, storage and networks when undertaking a discovery project.  Today, I'll discuss a few more items items you'll want to learn about in discovery: applications, services, middleware and contracts. • Applications, Services and Middleware The discovery phase must catalog applications, services and middleware, including documenting functionality and applications that depend on them. Failure to recognize and accommodate the following components when reorganizing a data center may cause critical applications to fail: [...]

Success Is In The Details

Success is in the Details Last week I discussed why discovery is important and some questions to ask before starting the process. Today's post is about the details that are most likely to trip up a major data center project. One piece of seemingly trivial hardware that isn’t moved over to the new environment can shut down a vital system or, because of interdependencies, multiple systems. The first two items involved in discovery that we'll discuss are servers and storage. • Servers The workhorses [...]

The Necessary Voyage of Discovery

“Doesn’t the IT department already know what hardware and software they have, how it interacts and which users those assets support? After all, IT supports its systems every day.” It’s a valid question, and the answer, unfortunately, is probably “no.” Or, not in the detail required to successfully complete a data center move, consolidation or cloud migration without running into serious problems. The discovery phase is the critical first stage of a data center transformation project. In a complex environment, this [...]

How Good is Your Change Management Process?

When it comes to Change Management processes, just pretty good can get you in big trouble. Sure you have an established process but can you say it’s always followed? Even when change requests follow the proper approval process you still have to deal with deviations that often go undocumented. Say it’s a web server or database upgrade.  It’s not uncommon for Systems Engineers to make a few “tweaks" on the fly and either forget or choose not to document them.  Why? [...]

EcosystemManager™ Earns “Vendor to Watch” for IT Asset Inventory & Service Management

“Virima’s objective—to make the ‘whole greater than the sum of its parts’—is well reflected in EcosystemManager’s compelling design, functionality, and careful attention to administrative requirements,” said Dennis Drogseth, Vice President, Enterprise Management Associates.   “Virima’s real-world experience in data center transformation consulting is yet another reason for putting EcosystemManager high on the short list of mid-tier ITSM and asset management solutions.”   For more information,

When Improvements are not enough

The 80% of IT Infrastructure & Operations Directors I know can’t fix things in their environment unless there is a compelling business reason. You “gotta” have a catalyst. A little poke to push the powers-that-be to let go of the budget. You know what you would do with it. You know exactly where you would invest the money to make everyone’s life easier. We know it too. Nothing like a change of events to give you air cover to fix the things that, [...]

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