Virima (Visual Risk Management) is an innovator of cloud-based IT asset and service management (ITAM & ITSM) SaaS solutions. Our product is called EcosystemManager™ and our mission is simple:  Automate IT operations functions for improved service, security, risk, and compliance management.

Virima Technologies was formed in 2006 and the original idea behind EcosystemManager was to automatically discover IT assets, link the assets to business processes, and capture the knowledge held by individuals through a concept we called Autonomic Social DiscoveryTM.  This shared asset and knowledge database would ultimately help IT organizations become better aligned and thus more responsive to dynamic business requirements.

A few years later the concept for EcosystemManager was expanded by our Data Center Transformation (DCT) consulting practice.  The DCT team had a need for automated application dependency mapping and improved resource collaboration, project and risk management, and reporting.  Adding these capabilities created an accelerated approach to our DCT programs.  EcosystemManager was further enhanced with ITAM and ITIL compliant ITSM capabilities.

Virima is headquartered in Atlanta, GA and operates research & development centers in Bangalore and Ahmedabad, India. EcosystemManager was officially launched to the market in January 2016 and is used by clients in technology, healthcare, professional services, manufacturing, distribution, hospitality/entertainment, and education.

Copyright Disclaimer: EcosystemManager and Autonomic Social Discovery are registered trademarks of Virima Technologies, Inc. ITIL is a registered trade mark of AXELOS Limited.

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