Frequently Asked Questions about EcosystemManager

Q: This looks great, but how do I know it’ll work on my network?

A: We believe in EcosystemManager, and in “try it before you buy it”, so we invite interested prospects to run a proof-of-concept, which we do at absolutely no charge.

Q: Is there an on-premise version?

A: While EcosystemManager is primarily a cloud-based offering, for some situations an on-premise version is available.  Send us a message if you’re interested.

Q: How does your pricing work?

A:  Our pricing is simple:  we price by the server OS.  Prices starts at around $50 a year, per server OS, with a minimum of 300 servers. For example, if you have 500 physical servers running a total of 700 servers OS’s (a combination of physical and virtual server OS’s), the price would be 700 x $50 = $35,000/year.

There are generous discounts for larger quantities and also for multi-year agreements.

Q: Can I get just your discovery product?

A: Yes, EcosystemManager is modular, so you can buy just our discovery product and add on the CMDB and ITSM features at a later time.

Q: I have an audit coming up soon and need a discovery tool for just a couple months.  Can you help me?

A: EcosystemManager is available month-to-month, though we offer attractive pricing for annual and multi-year agreements.


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