Turnkey Accurate and Comprehensive IT Asset Inventory & Characterization Service

One of the most difficult challenges for IT organizations with complex, rapidly changing, asset-driven environments, is maintaining the integrity of their asset inventory. Technology evolves at a rapid pace, and the complexity and velocity of changes in their IT environments makes it extremely difficult for IT managers to maintain a clear picture of the configuration, relationships, and dependencies of all of their IT assets. If you break the “chain of custody” on your assets, it’s hard to maintain inventory integrity without a really good asset discovery application along with a pristine Configuration Management Database (CMDB).  Having up-to-date asset inventory information is the foundation for IT infrastructure improvement projects and on-going service management, and it is a critical first step in any data center migration or transformation project.

The FastPath Discovery Package™ provides IT organizations with everything they need to inventory their large-scale data center environments in fast, cost-effective and comprehensive turnkey engagement model. The service offers a comprehensive, up-to-date baseline of your complex asset environments with automated asset discovery and fully characterized asset inventory by leveraging a complete CMDB.  Take advantage of in-depth IT asset reporting and visualizations as a foundation for IT infrastructure improvement projects or on-going service management. Once implemented, this combination of deep asset discovery and built-in CMDB, allows you to easily bring that asset inventory data into your service management processes.

Package Includes

  • The solution combines Virima’s best-of-breed IT asset discovery application and cloud-based configuration management database (CMDB) with the company’s accomplished asset inventory and data center transformation consultant team.
  • FastPath Discovery Package gives enterprises an accurate and up-to-date view of all of their complex IT asset relationships and dependencies through automated asset discovery, inventory characterization, and by populating the CMDB.
  • Virima’s world-class IT asset discovery, characterization, and consulting services from Virima’s team of data center experts to interview and leverage institutional knowledge to better characterize the assets, applications and dependencies.
  • EcosystemManager’s CMDB, ITSM and reporting platform for comprehensive reports, relationship visualizations, drill down data analytics, data export capabilities, and a final executive presentation from the Virima consulting team.

Provides A Complete Configuration Snapshot of Your IT Asset Environment

  • Discover asset data for configuration, status and performance.
  • Define inventory attributes for relationships, mapping, hierarchies and dependencies.
  • Develop configuration management structure, rules, and requirements.
  • Enable executive-level decision support via reports, dashboards, and CMDB data export for detailed data analysis, roll-up summarizations and strategic visibility.
  • Provide foundation for initiating data center transformation project requirements.
  • Support adoption of infrastructure service management for configuration, change and release management.

At the heart of the hybrid solution is Virima’s best-in-class IT asset discovery technology with its advanced ability to search multiple subnets, unparalleled automated asset scanning and advanced asset characterization. The discovery application is not just a basic “auto-discovery” application, but has the advanced capability to search multiple subnets, multi-network scanning, scheduled scanning, deep asset scanning, change identification since last scan, as well as better asset characterization for identifying changes over time in your environment. The discovery application populates Virima’s EcosystemManager® CMDB with information on each device’s configuration, provisioning, and current status.

EcosystemManager is a cloud-based, integrated IT asset & service management platform (ITAM & ITSM) that enables the IT organization to better align to the goals of the business. It consolidates legacy processes and disparate information required to streamline core IT functions; automated asset discovery & inventory as a foundation for standardizing infrastructure, operations and service desk management.

EcosystemManager allows for relationship mapping between devices, servers, users, business applications, networks and services. This is important as many other discovery tools only give you partial asset data, only scan some type of assets or give you limited descriptions. But, they do not actually give you the relationships between assets and application dependencies (if a server is brought down, what else is affected, etc.). These relationships within the CMDB enable a more accurate application dependency picture of the environment.  EcosystemManager then presents easy-to-read visual topology and listings of the relationships and dependencies between configuration items. EcosystemManager also provides for detailed reporting, summarized dashboards and charts, as well as allowing for easy export of the inventory configuration data.

By building the CMDB correctly upfront, the asset management team is very quickly and cost effectively maintaining your IT asset inventory as a foundation for standardizing your IT service management with the other Pink VERIFY™ 2011 certified ITSM modules; Change, Incident, Request, Problem and Knowledge.

No other provider on the market brings our extensive data center transformation expertise with large-scale complex infrastructure environments, coupled with best-in-breed discovery application and our core ITAM & ITSM platform.  It would be difficult to match the FastPath Discovery package capabilities with multiple tools, let alone bring together all the elements in a cost-effective and turn-key engagement model.

FastPath Discovery Package clients have the ability to continue running EcosystemManager at significantly discounted rates so that the discovery information remains current.  Subscribers also receive full access to EcosystemManager’s suite of ITIL compliant ITSM features.   To learn more about EcosystemManager service management features click here.

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